Ana Aguirre (Madd)

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Hometown: El Paso, TX

Age: 32

Profession: Scientist-Organic Chemist

Playing Rugby Since: 2010

Positions Played: Prop

What do you love about rugby?

I love the physical and mental challenge. I also love the sisterhood that develops within the team. You basically gain a new family once you join a rugby team and I find it so lovely.

What does the Kenya tour mean to you?

It means that we have the opportunity to showcase Chicago Women's Rugby, to showcase Midwest Rugby, to showcase US Rugby, and we have the opportunity to become better role models for little girls out there whom have been told they can't do something. It gives us an opportunity to show them that "yes you can and yes you will".

What about the tour do you most look forward to?

Being in a stadium full of people. It will give me an opportunity to get over my stage fright. :)